Bijoux Cosmetiques Warming Oil Wild Strawberry

Bijoux Cosmetiques Warming Oil Wild Strawberry

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Bijoux Cosmetiques Warming Oil Wild Strawberry
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Turn up the heat in your next massage! Caress and blow to maximize the warming effect and kiss every inch of skin to enjoy the delicious flavour.

* Surprising warming effect.
* Delicious flavour that turns your body into the best dessert.
* Non-sticky texture.
* Sugar free and Gluten free: suitable for diabetic and celiac.
* Compatible with latex.
* Arousal for your senses: stimulate touch, taste and smell.
* 100% natural Active Ingredients. 100% Vegan. 0% Parabens.

You’ve smelled it and you can’t wait to taste it. It’s time; kiss and enjoy sweet strawberry over skin. The best dessert in the world!


12 EXS Preservativos - € 2.99

12 EXS preservativos - 2.99 €

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